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    Creating an ADI Image (Windows)

    sthon Apprentice

      Hi there,


      I am slightly confused about imaging a Windows based PC.


      I have booted it to the Disc-Imager, no problems. When choosing what to image, HDD, or Partition?

      I have a Virtual HDD (Virtual Box) with 500GB and a 60GB Primary partition.


      I want to be able to put this partition onto every Computer with a HDD Size 60+ GBs.

      When I choose the HDD, like the Information sheet provided for Windows Imaging says, it sys it will take 500GB and take about 22hrs.

      When I chose the Partiotion it looks much better Size- and Time wise, but:


      My first try worked ok, just an error in the unattended.xml

      My second try said the following error messages:

      Check to Resize...Error

      Do re-restore

      Is that a one-time error with the image itself, file corrupt? Or did I do something wrong?


      I suspect the problem here:

      I reduced the partition size with gparted to 60GB, can it be, that the new partition-table is now not correctly recognized by absolute disk clone?

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          baotran Apprentice

          The ADI disk imaging expects to restore an image of the entire disk and not just a partition so you need to pick the HDD when capturing the disk image. I've never had a successful image restore when using a partition based image. I've only been able to successfully restore an image of the entire disk.

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            sthon Apprentice

            Thanks Bao,


            and what up with it getting 440GB of Data instead of the actual used 47GB, is that due to my resizing the partition with gparted?


            Thats the strangest thing. The virtual drive is 500G, The first partition ist 129G with 47G of used Data. If I choose the HDD it shows 440G used and starts imaging all 440G. If I chose Partition one, it correctly sees the 47G used.


            I guess the partition-table or something like that on the Virtual HDD is defective.


            I am starting now with a fresh Windows Install on a VHD that has only 60G. Thats way more work as I have to do all the customizing again, but at least the HDD Cloning should be easy as pie.