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    Smart list with AND/OR operators


      I am having some trouble crafting smart lists in that it doesn't look like I can say I want all computer that meet some criteria OR some other criteria, or I want all computer that meet this criteria AND NOT this other criteria. Currently I am trying to create a list of computers that have a boot volume with more than x space free, but I also need to exclude computer that have a particular volume. This seems like fairly basic logic that Absolute Manage is unable to do. It would also be nice to use wildcards and regex in smart list so that I can further refine my groups.

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          baotran Apprentice

          Thank you for your suggestion. I've added your information and comments to the following work ticket for boolean operators - COBRA-2022.


          This is where a custom field would come in handy. Create a dynamic custom field to check for the particular volume of interest so that it returns either "yes" or "no". This would probably take short 3-4 line script. Then you'd create a smart group like this.




          Free Space > X GB

          Boot Volume - Yes

          Custom Field - No

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            sthon Apprentice

            I would like to see some more advanced filters as well.


            I could imagine keeping it simple by just allowing the basics "AND" and "OR" as well as support for parentheses to group options together.

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              philcebutv Apprentice

              Has this been included in version 7? My post has been almost a year old since this thread was created.


              I need to be able to filter out some MAC desktops. I am creating a smart group based on the criteria below so that I can assign some specific packages and profiles but the results are not clear.


              My criteria are:


              Computer Type contains iMac

              Computer Group contains n/a

              Computer Group contains department

              Active Agent IP is in the range xxx.xxx.xxx.x to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


              The above criteria results to nothing.


              Can someone help with the AND or OR operators... Need this badly..

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                philcebutv Apprentice

                Just wanted to ask about smart computer groups.


                I have created one and the criteria are just computer group. However, it is showing n/a for all columns. Does anyone know how to fix this?