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    Admin Interface freezing on OSX

    maresian Rookie

      I'm having a lot of issues with the Admin Console on OS X.  Every time I try to do anything the console freezes and I get the spinning wait icon.  Any hints on how to resolve this?  I've heard about a plist key that could help, but I haven't been able to find anything in the knowledge base.  On the Absolute KB it was article 1299 evidently, but it looks like we can't get into that KB, and that number doesn't correspond to the article in the Heat KB.

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          patgmac1 Expert

          This might help some: https://wiki.as.emory.edu/display/ECITDT/Absolute+Manage+Admin+Console


          The #1 biggest thing is having your DB reside on an SSD drive.

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            maresian Rookie

            A lot of these changes look like it will make the database be out of date, especially with someone else working in LANRev at the same time.  A lot of the changes also look like it would affect the manage side, but not the MDM side.  While I do see some of the same slowness on the manage side, the larger portion occurs on the MDM side. 


            I am using a SSD, so it should not be a drive speed limitation. 

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              patgmac1 Expert

              I don't use MDM much so I haven't had a need to do anything there. But yea, the DB would be out of date...the constant sync is a common cause of the slowdowns. You would just need to "Sync all tables" when you want things to update.


              How many devices do you have?

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                baotran Apprentice

                How many VPP licenses do you have total in your VPP account?


                And what version of the admin console are you running?


                There was an issue with where customers with a lot of VPP licenses would have admin consoles older than 6.9.2 that basically became unresponsive due to some DB issues having to do with VPP licenses.

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                  To access old KB from Absolute, put an L in front of the number. So in your case search for L1299 on the new https://support.heatsoftare.com site.


                  Bao is heading down the same path I was thinking on version.


                  Also, for VPP licenses, if you ordered 1 million copies (done in several groups), Apple would send us 1,000,000 VPP license keys. Originally Apple had really high limits on the number of items you could order at a time. Now I believe it is down to 2500. Essentially, this part can still play a role in an Admin slow down because of the way Apple sends this information down (an Apple SE mentioned this one). So, are you talking a crazy high total number of licenses by any chance?

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                    sgillaspy Apprentice

                    Yes, my switch here to running the Admin db on Fusion/SSD has been a huge speedup from the Mac side.  10-15 minute sqlite db syncs have been crushed down to 10-15 seconds.  A Quad-core 4GHz processor has also been a huge positive change, as well.  In case this helps anyone else.


                    On the Windows side via 64 bit was were seeing good speed in testing even without SSD.

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                      maresian Rookie

                      We do have a fairly high number of licenses for some of our MDM software, maybe 10k per application?  Probably around 75k 15k licenses total.  We updated to 6.9.3 and are still seeing the problem.


                      Went and looked, we only have 15k licenses.  Most are unused.