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    Feature request: LANrev default log level verbosity

    patgmac1 Expert

      I’d like to request the LANrev agent be a little more verbose than it is by default. Log level 6 is good for troubleshooting, but we obviously wouldn’t want it on all the time.


      I would like to see log level 5 log some basic operations including:

      When an heartbeat is sent

      When an SDCheck is performed

      License scan

      Software installs


      Also, when an error occurs, such as "CCobraClientCustomFieldsCommand::GetValueFromScriptExecution: error: An error occurred while executing shell tool or shell script (Error=1)”, indicate which custom field caused that error.


      I do not think log file sizes would get too out of hand with this information, but there should also be some log rolling going on, with or without debug enabled.