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    Renewing AbsoluteApps Push service certificate

    jsmith1 Apprentice

      Does anybody have a direct link to the KB article of how to renew AbsoluteApps (or HEATsoftwareApps, or whatever the new name is) push services certificate?

      I tried searching around, and the closest I could get is the article "Troubleshoot when IOS devices stop checking in" (https://support.heatsoftware.com/Default.aspx#1455807153841)


      It references a few other articles that should take care of what I need to do, only all the links are dead. It looks like in the conversion from Absolute to HEAT, they just

      keyword swapped/replaced "Absolute" for "HEAT" and blew out all the formatting, inserted images, etc.



      [url=http://forums.HEATsoftware.com/kb.php?a=266:]KB-266: How-To Renew MDM Certificate[/url:]

      [url=http://forums.HEATsoftware.com/kb.php?a=207:]KB-207: How-To Renew HEATsoftwareApps or HEATsoftware Safe Certificate[/url:]

      [url=http://forums.HEATsoftware.com/kb.php?a=503:]KB-503: The New MDM Payload Does Match the Old Payload[/url:]

      [url=http://forums.HEATsoftware.com/kb.php?a=1048:]KB-1048: The payload is invalid[/url:]


      I even tried searching these terms with no luck.

      • "KB-207"
      • "KB 207"
      • "207"