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    Upgrading Windows 10 to the november build 1511

    rfn Rookie



      We have rolled out quite a few Windows 10 computers (custom image) before the november update and I'm wondering what's the best method of upgrading them to the november build 1511.


      I could release it through WSUS but then it would just install at a random time and since it takes a while to install, then it could be a big inconvenience to the users. I would rather deploy it with LANrev and maybe even offer it through On-Demand Software so that the users can choose to install it when they have time.


      Does anyone have experience with this or have links to documentation to how this could be accomplished?




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          patgmac1 Expert

          We still use WSUS for our Windows updates and I don't remember this update being any different than any other update. You can configure how WU behaves via GPO. We configure ours to check for updates every night at 3am, install the updates automatically, and allow the users to postpone the reboot. Haven't had a problem yet.


          Otherwise, you could use LANrev to deploy via the built-in patching. If the devices are already configured to check for OS patches, it'll be listed in your unconfirmed list of patches. You can configure the reboot/defer and other options before approving.

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            rfn Rookie

            This is actually an upgrade and it displays the Windows 10 installation GUI, so in my opinion it's not like any other update. We have setup Windows/WSUS to install updates at noon, since no computers are turned on at night. 80% of our computers are laptops. The users can postphone restarts but I'm sure what will happen when this update hits their computers.


            We don't use the built-in patching in LANrev, since WSUS and Windows Update does a pretty good job by itself. I will have to experiment with pushing this with LANrev and see how that works out. I have managed to find some info that might help.