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    Directly Launch Self-Service Application

    frutiger@gresham.k12.or.us Apprentice

      I tried to submit a ticket through the HEAT Software support portal, but I was not able to save.


      We are looking for a reliable method for launching the Self-Service application, we have found the --ShowOnDemandPackages argument for the LANrev Agent, but this seems to rely on the --GetSDStateString returning "Idle" as the status. This is not very reliable and I end up with my launcher open then closing and nothing happening for the customer. Now I can add all sorts of logic to detect the state and display dialog boxes, but a lot of times the SDStateString returns check for packages endlessly and the user ends up needing to reboot anyway.


      I have found that clicking the button in the LANrev PrefPane to work fairly well, but having to send out a 5 step how-to just for my customer to launch the self-service application is also not an option for us. We are hoping there is a supported method to directly launch the application and if there isn't we would like to enter a feature request.