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    LANREV 6.9.3 doesn't add computers to the Computers Window list. (Mac)

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      I have installed the latest version of LANrev server and clients on most of my machines. There were no big issues until I had to add new computers to the list.


      I install the agent, I see it turn green in the Deployment Center. It appears in the System Preferences too (Preference pane).

      Where the problem starts is that even after waiting for the normal heartbeat (set to 15 minutes), it doesn't appear in the Computers window list.

      I can't install profiles, applications, etc..


      If you have some insight or can help me troubleshoot the issue, I would be grateful.

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          patgmac1 Expert

          The computers usually won't show in the Computers window until it has sent a full inventory. A heartbeat alone does not contain enough information for that to occur. It doesn't take the full 12 hours, but usually within a half hour or so. If you have software assigned to the all devices, you'll see the installs occur but the computer name is N/A in Server Center.


          I'm pretty sure I have a feature request submitted for this information to populate quicker. per.olofsson has a script to help speed things up on a newly deployed Mac: https://gist.github.com/MagerValp/3d31d733b9bfd5fb7dec

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            supportmh Rookie

            I'm not quite sure if the script works, but it took the whole 12 hours to get the full inventory (left it running this evening).

            I'll give it another go on the script to test if it actually works wince I have remote computers still not communicating properly.


            Thanks for the hint.

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              baotran Apprentice

              Technically a heartbeat should cause a computer entry to be generated if it doesn't already exist. There's a handful of items that's in the heartbeat such as the agent name, current user name, current user account, last user name, last user account, agent serial number, active IP, agent version, agent build number, primary MAC address, and date/time.


              You can test this out by deleting an existing computer entry from the Computers window. Then force a heartbeat from the agent side and you'll notice the computer entry come back but only the above info items will be populated. Force a heartbeat by going to HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\LANrev Agent\SendHeartbeat and setting it to 1. You can also pass the LANrev Agent executable on both OS X and Windows a --SendHeartbeat parameter to force a heartbeat. Once an inventory comes in the rest of the inventory will be updated.


              If you go into the detailed inventory view for the agent you'll notice that the lower right of the status bar at the bottom of the Computers window reports "Not yet collected". Once the inventory comes in this will change to a time interval indicating how old the inventory is, e.g. "Age: 0 minutes".


              Agents may take longer to show up the Computers window if the server is behind on processing heartbeats and is caching them.

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                philcebutv Apprentice

                I have the same problem when trying to update the agents. I can see the clients in the agent deployment window as green with correct inventory server but it does not shows up under computer list. I have left that client for more than a day now and still it won't shows up on lanrev computer. Is there something we can do to force it to show up under computer? We are on version 7.. most of the clients has the the old version of agent 6.3. I used psexec to forcely install agent version 7 and it install the latest agent but does not shows up under computer.


                any advice would be appreciated. This is by the way PCs.