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    How to place one form in two extended business objects?

    m.kasper Apprentice



      let's say I have one Master busines object (CI) and two extended business objeccts (Router and switch). For the extended Business objects I need a form for each to display information which is in two cases alike.

      Classicly, I would need to create each from in each of the extendeed business objects, Router and Switch.

      Is there any way to make HEAT display that one form in each extended object and therefore only one creation is necessary?

      Just like you can do with fields, which are created in the master objet and are visible in each extended object?

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          elysey Apprentice

          Hi Martin


          Not aware of a functionality like the one you mentioned.  As you already gathered, it's only available on fields, if the fields are created within the master object of course.


          I suppose the alternative could be to use the form on the master object to cater for the display of router and switch, but you would probably have to make sure the TypeAlias and CIType are initiated appropriately on this form only so that it is recognised appropriately on reports, business rule triggers, conditional record displays etc etc.  Haven't personally done this myself, so probably best to test it out first