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    Child/Parent OU's and incident visibility

    mjones800 Rookie

      In HEAT Service Management v 2015.2

      We would like to set up our OU's so that members of the parent OU would be able to view all incidents created by the OU.  Then we'd like to set up sub users who can only see their own incidents.  I'm able to set up users within an OU to view their incidents collectively but have had no success in allowing those sub users to only see their own incidents. 


      Has anyone had success in configuring this?  Is this possible with all users in question using the same role?


      Right now I've got the visibility for FRS_Myitem set up like this

      Myitemorgunit ID = incident.orgunitID


      This basically states that the user can only view incidents where their organizational unit ID matches that of what is stored in FRS_Myitem for a particular incident.



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          florian1 Expert

          Hi Mike,


          I guess this would be possible by adding a field to the business objects Employee and FRS_MyItem.

          Add a second filter like

          - MyItem's OrgUnit = Current User's OrgUnit AND

          - MyItemField (bool) = EmployeeField (bool)


          Add a initialization rule on FRS_Myitem: MyItemField = true

          Add a initialization rule on Employee: EmployeeField = false


          By default, only the first filter will match (CreatedByRecId = CurrentUserRecId())

          If you now set EmployeeField to "true", this Employee will see all his Org Unit's Incidents including the ones he created.



          But is there a reason that you don't want to set up an own role?

          I would rather prefer this way - you can even automate when to assign this role to users (based on any attribute or AD group etc.)