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    Patch Management Reboot Behavior

    MStewart999 Rookie

      We have a small environment with a single BLS, site, and management point. The Patch Management reboot behavior setting is set at the Site level. The current setting is Force Reboot (during the maintenance window). This has worked well for us until now. We have a large subset of computers that need a different setting. My thought was to create a new site, but I want the new site to share the master depot instead of the system creating a new depot. Is this possible? Is this the best way to accomplish the patch management reboot behavior goal? Thanks in advance.

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          solmera1 Apprentice

          Configuring the same depot for several sites is good practice in many situations, e.g for a so called "catch site" or if you configured dedicated sites for LAN, WLAN and VPN in one location.

          I haven't touched Classic PM for a while, so I am not sure if there is another option in the organization view.


          Just a short hint:

          If you start building additional sites please keep in mind that sites are checked top-down in alphapetical order. A client will be assigned to the first site with a matching site definition.

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            SitzRieSe Expert

            A little trick for this case


            set the distribution time to all values to 0. DSM will regonized this depot as virtual depot and will skipping any distribution jobs to the service.

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              foxblvd Apprentice

              Hi Michael,


              I hope all is well,


              I would actually set the maintenance plan to reboot the computer at the end of the maintenance window. you do have to create a reboot package and select it at the end of the maintenance windows wizard. This way you can create an OU or even a computer group, and set the specific reboot behavior for those computers.


              You can also copy the provided "PM Execution Package" and specify to reboot, under Execution settings. you would have to manually configure all the PM Execution Packages if you go with this route.

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