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    DSM 2015.2.3


      Dear customers and partners,


      the QA phase for DSM 2015.2.3 started in time so we will very likely release it on the 18th of march, just as planned.

      As many people wanted to know the contents of patches in advance - her you go!



      IssueIssue Title
      230403Under circumstances DSMC crashes immediately after start
      231840Can't delete old revision of Configuration Package due to server exception
      232135After doing a change to the NCP files the BLS stops serving requests for a long time
      233057Autoinstaller cannot access connect to NPI after DSM Remote Client Service installation
      234559Users are not notified that there are new packages which are currenty deferred and can be installed
      234705Error in logfile when client checks on dynamic group which filters on the creation date
      234914No information on "Detailed information" for Patch packages after F5
      235327DSM 2015.2 Bug - F5 issues in HEAT Discovery views inside DSMC
      235585Image Restore doesn't work correctly - partitioning and formatting package will be set to "compliance pending" again
      235796NullReferenceException in RecalculateUninstallationPatchPolicyInstancesCommand during client sync or when selecting a computer in the DSMC
      235797Error during execution of Long-running Task - Policy instance update of migrated shop policy
      235798The sync triggered after installing an OS takes more than 60 seconds leading to a 'Couldn't get lock for object-id NNNNN after 10 retries...' exception
      235827DSMC crashes when setting an "If" condition in the Packaging Workbench
      235884FR: Custom properties for software should be changeable even after software is released
      235955DSM Web search exception caused by client sync locking the CMPG_BASICINVENTORY table
      236032CheckInstallMode(imReinstall) is true also the ExecutionMode is update in DSM 2015.2
      236090Excessive data is copied to client from SSI/Extern$ directory
      236134Catch empty group memberships on the clients to avoid unwanted uninstallations
      236895Computers do not install the latest patches when staging of patch packages is activated
      237116FR: Provide a proxy configuration for HEAT Remote operator if operator has no internet connection
      237254Improve performance of ClientSync
      237259NiStart.exe - wrong ProjectGuid is used to start the App
      237267Problem with ReinstallComputer when a SW Set with a new component was updated uncritically - The given key was not present in the dictionary
      237316Unwanted uninstallations/installations of packages assigned to AD groups after update to DSM 2015.2.1
      237487DSM APM Patch Package Uninstallation crashes service installer
      238661Patchlink assigns shutdown package
      238883Balloon tip on the client is showing packages to install via the Shop although they are implemented via other assignment


      Best regards