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    Print a call sheet via PHP/HTML

    Adam Wilden Expert

      We didn't want to have to install Crystal on each PC just so that staff could print call sheets (we have 120 licences at last count).


      As we are using 7.2.6 and can pass field values as parameters to external programs we set up a right-click on the main call window (and query lists) which allows users to open the call, pre-formatted, in a web browser.




      A web page running a PHP script connects to our Oracle database and retrieves the relevant values based on the Call ID.  It opens the following in a web browser so that staff can very quickly print out call sheets (it even opens the print window):



      May not be useful to everyone but we have found this to be very popular with our support staff.  If you have someone who can code php then the field names are fairly stratightforward and it is certainly worth looking at if you have engineers/technicians who print lots of call/site visit reports.


      I can probably post the script we used if anyone is ineterested