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    MDM Smart Policy app assignment

    jsmith1 Apprentice

      I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this one, but will go with it anyhow:


      Is there a means of creating a smart policy where the members will have licenses auto assigned to their device?


      I can have a policy where apps are auto-installed, but I don't want 75 apps to come down on a students all at once. I'd like to have the licenses already assigned to the device, and the students can go to AbsoluteApps and get the apps installed when they are needed.

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          dherder Specialist

          Hi Jeff,

          The use case that you describe fits perfectly with the On Demand distribution. Have you tried assigning the apps to the policy as an On Demand rule? I would say that if you do this, the only real license to use is device based. User based licenses take too much time to sync and should be assigned prior to On Demand distribution.




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            jsmith1 Apprentice

            Hi Dave,

            (you're up early this morning).


            I considered using On-Demand, but didn't think that the device licenses would get assigned. I thought that the licenses were only assigned to the device when the app is installed. If I'm mistaken on that, great!

            So is this the process that takes place?

            1. App added to on-demand.

            2. Devices in that policy are assigned license for the app

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              robert.morton Apprentice

              For On-Demand, when the student taps install, the license will be assigned and the app will get installed. If the student never uses the app, then no license is assigned. As long as the device is iOS 9+ and the app is configured to license the app to the device, this is the exact use case for On-Demand.

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