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    How to activate action menu for ci components?

    SitzRieSe Expert

      Hi there,


      can someone help me? im looking for a way to multi editing some ci components. I was trying to add a quick action from the configuration window to the CIComponents, but im still missing the action menu on the ci component window. Is there a way to enable it?






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          It's a bit tricky because it doesn't show up as a CI, you have to look for the "FRS_CIComponent" Business Object, and edit its layout (We don't use it so we only have one, but you just edit any layout you are using). Look for the "List" type one:


          Edit the Toolbar:



          And drag the "Action menu" to the left or right pane (Usually is on the right, but that's up to you):


          Of course, then "Save" 


          After a refresh it should appear on your CI Components Tab.