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    Tasks automatically cancelled


      All active tasks (created by workflow and related to an Service Request) cancel after 14 days at 2 o´clock in the morning. I didnt found business rules, workflows or Quick Actions. Maybe the tasks will be cancelled by an escalation shedule, but in the escalation shedule there are just mail notifications configured. Could anyone help me? Thanks

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          florian1 Expert

          Hi Florian,


          are you experiencing this issue with every request template or just specific ones?


          Normally it's always one of the following reasons:

          - A ScheduleEntry workflow running at 2AM, e.g.

          - wrong escalation Settings (e.g. Closing Escalation watch set to "run" when Status=Active)

          - Triggered Actions (either on Task or ServiceReq BO)

          - invoked workflow: Have a closer look at the invoked workflow

          - ServiceReq workflow: wait for child condition (when using insert child)

          - ServiceReq workflow: Task timeout reached





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            Hi Florian,


            thanks for your quick support and your help. I think i found the error. It was the ServiceRequestCompletionWorkflow.

            In this Workflow is a Wait for Child Block and in this block is a Timeout defined (10 Days, our Business Hours are 5 Days a week).

            I changed the Timeout and will check if the Task will cancell again 2 weeks later.


            Thanks a lot