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    MDM: VPP Licensing wrong numer of Licenses

    sthon Apprentice


      Server Version 6.8.2


      I made an app available as third party software in our MDM. I then proceeded to buy two licenses through apples VPP. LanREV only sees 1 of the two licenses and even if I assign this license to my mobile, I get an error:


      License for app “com.Squirrels.AirParrot2Remote” could not be found.


      This is the app:

      App NameOS PlatformCategoryMin OS VersionUniversalSupported DevicesShort DescriptionVPP PurchasedVPP AssignedVPP Remaining
      AirParrot RemoteiOSBusiness4.0YesiPhone, iPod Touch, iPadAirParrot Remote by Squirrels LLC101


      The invoice clearly states two licenses.


      Also Additionally - it seems we can't install any apps on our devices through the inhouse appstore. I feel like these issues might be connected, but I have no Idea where to begin troubleshooting the issue.

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          sthon Apprentice

          I just found, that we had a problem with the VPP token I reentered it and I can install software again, but the bought license still doesn't work and shows the wrong licensing count.


          Free licenses do work with the correct amount of "bought" licenses.


          Funny thing:

          I could install the app on my ipad, no problem. The problem with the licensing still remains. It shows one license and one remaining, it should be two licensed with one remaining.


          Is this perhaps a known bug?

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            dherder Specialist

            I think the problem is the server version. We made many VPP enhancements between 6.8.2 and 7.0. I would suggest an upgrade.



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              baotran Apprentice

              I've had this happen before where the VPP licensing data was not replicating correctly from the server to the admin console. I reloaded my VPP info probably 5 times with no effect. My new licenses for the app didn't show up until I eventually Reloaded All Tables. Seems there was a DB sync issue with that particular app entry. Oddly enough other apps that I added licenses for showed up correctly. Worth trying if you continue to have problems even after upgrading to 7.0 as Dave suggested.