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    create patched office installer

    mathias1 Apprentice

      anybody can give me an advise on how to create a fully patched office installer

      microsoft tells me to use the latest download (SP1) of office 2013 and put all updates into the updates folder (as msp files)

      this package leads to installations taking more than 60 minutes


      maybe someone got a better solution

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          sthon Apprentice

          For Office 365 2013 and 2016 I use the Office Click2Run installer.


          Basically it's just a setup.exe and a xml configuration file (you'll have to google the correct settings for yourself).

          The setup.exe as the option /download to download the office installation files in a current version from the MS Servers.


          setup.exe /download configuration.xml


          After download I package the whole folder. The runstring is "setup.exe /configure configuration.xml"


          Upgrading from Office 365 2013 to Office 365 2016 takes about 45 Minutes with deinstallation of the old Office first (I just use a microsoft fixit for this).