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    How to Create Forms Like a Purchase Requisition Using HEAT Service Management?

    sunderwood Rookie

      One of the services the IT department at the County of Maui supports is centralized hardware and software purchasing for all County Departments. This requires us to obtain quotes from vendors and generate a Purchasing Requisition form (see) that is then sent to the Finance department. The Finance department then cuts a Purchase Order for further processing.


      We currently have a workflow process in HEAT that uses another program called Formatta to generate the Purchasing Requisition form. Formatta as additional levels of complexity and expense. I would like to have HEAT generate the form if possible. There are other examples of where we need to generate a filled form for other agencies or wet signatures. Has anyone else configured Requests Offerings in HEAT to generate a form?  I would be very interested to know how you did it. Mahalo!


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