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    How to Auto-Refresh a record after every save

    elysey Apprentice

      Is there a way to auto-refresh a page at the end of every save? 


      The intent to this function is to save the users from having to refresh the page so they can see particular details on a page.  Some examples are:

      • Target Times - after saving an incident or editing a field that would change the target times of an incident, user has to refresh the page to see the updated values
      • Linking Major Incidents - We altered the object matching panel to include a search filter for major incidents.  Agents can then link active incidents to these major incidents, and this function works except that once the record has been saved, the major incident link field on the newly linked active incident does not show with the major incident number until the record has been refreshed.


      I've already had a look at the UI Quick Action but all options point to refreshing the entire browser.  All I want is to refresh the actual page.