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    How to edit a Template parameter from within a Request Offering Workflow task.

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      For a New Server Request Offering we are working on, we collect a suggested server name based on current standards in the SR Request Form. We might need to alter that name before the sys admins builds the requested server in a later task in the workflow.  For example we may have a review task to check that the name is unique and follows our naming standards  


      Expecting that it would work as expected we checked the box 'Enable Request Editing' in the Define Request Offering section of the RO.


      We seem to be able to edit the desired parameter in the SR generated by the workflow; until we press save and get an error that the non Admin role that we are using "does not have rights to delete object ServiceReqParam#"


      This feels like a bug that might be fixed in a latter version (we are )  or maybe there is another way we are supposed to be able to edit a parameter on an SR from within the workflow?  Anyone know?