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    New HEAT SM Connector - Interlink BES

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      Interlink Software just recently posted a new App to the AppStore


      Interlink Software offers business value dashboards (BVD), a manager of managers (MoM), and business service management (BSM) offerings all integrated with the HEAT Software IT Service Management platform.  Business service aligned and award winning the Interlink Software offerings ship with proven service modeling and data integration capabilities. Layering seamlessly onto your existing IT environment and delivering a best-of-breed solution for meeting today's challenges in business-aligned IT management. It’s the reason many of the largest companies in the world choose Interlink Software to manage their IT and the health of their business critical services.

      The HEAT Software - Interlink Software integration:

      Bi-directional integration with HEAT Software Service Desk.  The potentially huge volumes of technical monitoring events in a typical data center or network operations center issued by the multi-vendor tooling are correlated to root cause and optionally business impact in real-time, resulting in a manageable number of exception alerts that the Interlink Software Business Enterprise Server (BES) can automatically pass to the HEAT Software Service Desk as requests to create, update or close incident records for tracking and resolution purposes. As an incident is updated or resolved in the HEAT Software Service Desk, the corresponding alert and underlying monitoring events in BES are updated and vice versa.

      In addition, BES can display HEAT Software Service Desk incidents, problems and changes alongside monitoring alerts and technical events in web-based business value dashboards (BVDs).


      for more info - check out this link Business Enterprise Server (BES) events and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) - Interlink Software