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    Download failed

    swimber@emory.edu Apprentice

      I am starting to see a number of workstations (both MAC and Windows) that are failing to download files for packages, both packages that I created (and used to deploy without issue) as well as Windows Updates that I did not package.


      The Console > Server Center > Software Installation Status shows "Download failed" where the LANrev Agent.log file shows "2016-04-05 16:52:39.760 [1616:b0c] <5> - The following error occurred while trying to getting package file A8684B47-4502-4C24-A1D1-82E87687025E: An unknown error occurred.. Retrying again after 30 seconds." but after 30 seconds the failure repeats.


      Since we are in the midst of an upgrade I should point out that the agents are mostly 6.9.3 but I also have failures showing the same pattern that are 7.0, so it's likely something unrelated to the upgrade.  I have seen the same agent download some packages and then fail on others, I have also seen the same package fail with some agents where other agents are able to download.  With no pattern I am not entirely sure where to go for troubleshooting.  Restarting the server has not helped, Any thoughts on other troubleshooting steps would be appreciated. 


      Thank you

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          patgmac1 Expert

          The software technically does not come from your server, it comes from your SDP (which may be the same machine) which is an "agent" thing. So restarting the SDP's agent would be more effective here than restarting the server.


          Observe a specific package. Does it fail for all machines? Or just some? That will help indicate if it's a problem with he payload itself (in which case, re-upload that payload), or if it's a problem reaching the SDP.

          Another thing you can do is enable debug on the SDP agent, and check logs there.

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            swimber@emory.edu Apprentice

            We operate a single LANrev server so the SDP was restarted with the restart of the LANrev server.


            A specific package has failed for some agents and succeeded for others.


            A specific agent has been able to install some packages successfully, where it fails the download on other packages.


            I will enable debug logging and see where that takes me.