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    How to copy a task?

    wynnb Specialist

      Running Service Management 2015.2.1.1


      I've created Release templates with Milestone workflows that create tasks, but my users want the ability to create duplicates of those tasks. The scenario is that we may have multiple changes linked to the release, so they want tasks that refer to the specific changes. My workflow creates the first tasks with a subject like "RFC xxxx - Gather Requirements". The release manager would fill in the change number, but also create copies of that so they can enter tasks for the other changes.


      Looking for ideas on how to create an action that copies the subject and description of a selected task into a new task?

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          wynnb Specialist

          Can anyone from HEAT answer this one?

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            vinvivek Apprentice

            Hi Bryan,


            Try creating a relationship of task with itself (with the required fields to be copied in the relationship) and then use below quick action on any button.


            Hope this works for tasks!

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              hanna.scheller Rookie

              Hello Bryan,


              I create a new Quick Action for the Task.Assignment Object:

              The fields that I used in englisch:

              Status = Status: the value is a prompt that asked the user for the desired Status;

              Details = Details: the value of the copied task;

              Zusammenfassung = Subject: the value of the copied task;

              Zuweisungs-ID = AssignmentID = counts up the counter "ApprovalNumberCounter"; It's important! -> without it won't work

              Erstellt von = CreatedBy: the current user who is copy the task;

              Erstellt am = CreatedDateTime: when its copied;

              Bearbeitungsdatum, Bearbeitungsstart and Bearbeitungsende you can ignore, that's my own fields;

              ParentLink_RecID = ParentLink_RecID: the link to the parent object (Incident, Service Request...) you copied from; also important! -> without it won't work


              After that I integrated it in the Layout from the Incident:

              Business Objects -> Incident -> Layouts -> IncidentLayout.ServiceDesk (or which one you use) -> formView -> at Child Panels -> Task -> Edit under Toolbar:

              Choose your created Quick Action and put it (drag n drop) to the place in the Toolbar you want:

              With the litte pencil next to the Quick Action, you can set some settings like the Image for the Button and a Tooltip.


              And that's it, I hope its understandable

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                wynnb Specialist

                Hanna, you're a genius!


                I think the key things I missed before was the correct expressions for setting the assignment ID and ParentLink_RecID. It's interesting that you don't have to specify the Relationship Name.


                Anyway, this works perfectly - my Project Manager will be very happy!

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                  hanna.scheller Rookie

                  I am very pleased to hear that.

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                    vee Specialist

                    Thanks heaps for this!


                    What I wanted to do was simply a button within task that makes a new task but it kept getting lost on refresh. What I missed was the ParentLink

                    Thanks for posting your answer.