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    Free to paid apps, and licensing

    jsmith1 Apprentice

      General question for anybody.

      There's a lot of "Free for the day" apps out there. What happens if I grab 100 managed tokens for it in with my VPP while it is free? Do I still have the availability of those tokens once it goes back to paid?


      I understand that to add more tokens, I'd have to pay up since the freebie day is over but what about the ones I already grabbed?

      Also, what about updates? Is it a developer by developer decision "Well, you got it when it's free, but we're going to hold off on providing updates until you cough up some dough."

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          dherder Specialist

          If you purchase licenses for the app and assign those licenses while the app is free, then I would think that the free license would be honored. When the app goes back to "for a fee", then I would presume that the license would still be assigned and you wouldn't have to pay an additional amount, since the app is already purchased.

          I would assume that if the app is updated, that the updates should be included.

          Are you seeing something different?

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            jsmith1 Apprentice

            We're not seeing anything different, yet. It's more of a "planning ahead" question. Your take on it is pretty much in synch with me. I was just looking for outside opinions to make sure I wasn't missing anything.



            We do grab a lot of free-for-the-day apps and I haven't seen any different than what you described. The only part I wasn't sure if anyone had experience with had to do with the updates. We haven't run into a problem yet there either, but in case it's possible just good information to have ahead of time.


            Thanks Dave.