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    How to use the Command UI action to pop a specific form?


      Is there a way to pop a specific form with a Command UI quick action?


      I would like to use a button to pop a form to create a new external contact from a specifically designed custom form.  I have successfully managed to do this is in a separate tab but this then only works if you have rights to the external contact business object.


      Basically, Request Contact currently points to a relationship with External Contact and this allows people to Add New contacts even though they do not have direct access to External Contact. 

      I would like to change this back so that it points at FRS_CompositeContract_Contact, however, when I change the relationship there is no longer any access to Add New even though the roles have rights to do so.  I want to change it back as the way heat is now used, we have people listed under Employees and External Contact who may be the request contact, however, I don't want people to be able to create new Employees - only new External Contacts.


      My thoughts around this was to create a button which would use a command ui to pop an external contact form which would allow new contacts to be created.  Alternatively, on the search box for a contact from the store I would like to be able to put the Add button on there.


      Any ideas?