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    Approval Vote Tracking not updated in My Items


      Hi everybody,


      I need some help again.

      We have for our ordering a Contact-Group for Approval. In the Approval-Block is defined, approve if 1 user approves, also with denied.

      If 1 guy of the Approval-Group approves then the Approval and all Child-Objects (Approval Vote Tracking) changes the status to "Approved" and the Approval Vote Tracking is not longer available in My Items (Search: All Active).


      If 1 guy deny the ordering, the approval is denied but not the Child-Objects and Approval Vote Tracking in My Items are still "Pending".


      I created a Triggerd Action in the BO FRS_Approval when the Status Changed to Denied "Run for Child" -> ***the status from each Child (Approval Vote Tracking) will set to "Cancelled" if the status is not "Denied". So if an ordering is "Denied" all other Approval Vote Trackings are "Cancelled". That is working. BUT: In My Items the Approval Vote Tracking is still "Pending"


      This Triggerd Action should update My Items for the Approval Vote Tracking.

      If I trigger the same ***Quick Action per hand, the record in My Item will set to "Cancelled". Strange.


      Why do this not happens automatically?


      Thanks for Help