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    LDAP Settings and EmployeId - A filed leading to nowhwere???

    m.kasper Apprentice

      Hello all,


      sitting together with teh customer, we configured the LDAP setting for an import and got suprised at the field matching form. On the HEAT side one could pick a field calle EmployeID and should derive from the employee business object. The custoemr used it as no bigger issue in the import log detected, we thought we could use this filed.

      And a strange journey began...

      1st stop over: I expected the field in the employee.profile form and did not find anything

      2nd stop over: I checke dthe employe view design and could not find such a field in on of the three buildiing tables...

      3rd stop over: check the field lsit in business object Employee: And what a surprise no such field was listed. Not in that list where all teh fields are listed in one list nor in that list, which is splitt up after the tables teh fields derive from.


      As I saw serious frowns in the customers face, I began to wonder. What is the purpose of that field, which was not found?