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    EMSS 8.3 agent install problem

    sakrier Rookie

      Just stood up a new server and was able to push an agent and some modules to itself.  When I went to push to a couple of Windows 7 endpoints, the install is hanging.  Looking at the Manage...Endpoints page, the endpoint version is listed as with a gear next to it.  The gear never goes away.  I've been looking through both the client and server logs, but nothing is popping out.  Everything is on a Windows domain and the group policy is effectively the same for both the server and the workstations.  It's also an air-gapped environment.  I've use the agent_remove script to scrub the endpoint clean and try a manual install, but I get the same results.  It would seem that something is fundamentally goofed up, but I've not seen this on any of our other EMSS servers.  Those other servers, however, were originally 8.1 Lumension installs that have been upgraded along the way.