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    How to block application choice on log in page?

    m.kasper Apprentice

      Hello all,


      I am actually trying to block the application drop down, the one where you choose between production, stqaging and uat or config environment. In teh deployment guide I found a hint to update the web.config with the follwoing tag:


      <add key = "RequiredTenantIdInURL" value="true">


      I did, buit it did not take any effect.

      Does anyone know where to define url's for any specific tenant?

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          elysey Apprentice

          Hi Martin


          This is probably due to the central config setup in your environment.


          By doing the change you made above, this sets it up so that each HEAT DB (prd, stg, uat) can be accessed via URL instead of a drop down box. To set the URL, this is done in the Login URL box in the tenant list within your Config DB.  See screenshot below:


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