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    Update of exsisting users within a LDAP synchronize

    m.kasper Apprentice

      Hello all,


      does anyone know, what tiks need to be ticked, in order to update users from LDAP? I have a running connection, but when i update a user in HEAT and start the synchronize, then teh field in HEAT is not up0dated by the LDAP value.

      It seems, that the impor does only check if any new is there, but not if the values from HEAT differ to LDAP and if so does the update with LDAP being teh master.


      Any ideas?

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          elysey Apprentice

          Hi Martin

          Depending on how the mapping is setup, generally the import skips if there are no changes between both systems (HEAT and LDAP) though I'm not sure on the logic on how this is calculated (i.e does it compare the values and detect change or does it just base it on the synchronised date vs modified dates on both systems, etc).

          Alternatively you could try turning off the "Enable Incremental Sync" option in the LDAP Sync to force an update but please be careful as this would then pick up any user in AD, so best to do this only if you are testing against one profile.

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