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    Attach email to incoming email notification


      Heat Cloud user.  Incident owner and or team gets notified when there is incoming email for their incident. Currently the owner needs to login to HEAT to view the email.

      We created a quick action that sends an email to the incident owner with the incoming email attachment but when it runs, it will send every journal entry to the owner, not the latest entry. For example, if there were 6 email journal entries, 6 emails would send. We need a way to only select that last entry. Anyone have ideas how to accomplish this?

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          chris1 Apprentice

          I am watching this one too.

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            elysey Apprentice

            Hi Barry

            If the intent here is to automate this so that every incoming email is sent to the Incident owner, have you tried adding a flag on the Journal.Email object to mark the emails that needs to be sent out to the owner and at the end of every process where the email is sent, this flag would be set to true?


            So thought process here is:

            1. Create a boolean in the journal.email called ToBeSentToOwner
            2. Incoming email arrives with ToBeSentToOwner = True (this will need to be set as an initialisation rule on the journal.email BO)
            3. In your process (and this may potentially have to be done as a workflow), do the following:
            • When incoming email is attached to the Incident:
              • Send Email notification with the attachment pointing from related business object pointing to Journal or Journal.Email where Category is Incoming Email and ToBeSentToOwner = True
              • After sending, run a "run for child" quick action against the child journal or journal.email objects to mark the flag as false - that way it won't be picked up on the next run.


            The ToBeSentToOwner = True can even be exposed into the form so users are able to manually select which email needs to be sent out to the incident owner.


            The only thing I haven't figured out though is how to filter the Attachment files that get sent out into the email.  As the logic in the Attachment setup in the Send Notification quick action is to pick up attachment files against related objects, I can't figure out the filter to say only give me .eml attachments.  This would be a pain because if you get an incoming email where the signature has a lot of images, these images would come through as attachments against the incoming journal.email.  If you've figured this out though, would be great if you can share

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              Hello Barry,


              I wonder why it is not enough if you would have into the notification something like this:

              Of course , this would not include the attachments if the Incoming email contains attachments but the Owner would see the email this way.

              If this is what you need, I could give you all the steps.


              Best regards,

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                sarah.warne@it.ox.ac.uk Rookie

                Hi Andrei


                I'm trying to do exactly this but can not get it to work. My notification is triggered by a workflow and making this change causes the workflow to fail. How is your notification triggered?


                Many thanks,

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                  Hi Sarah,

                  I have created a Trigger Action: Rule Action: Send Email.

                  In my case, the IncidentNumber it is also a hyperlink so the person that receive this notification can just click on the IncidentNumber and it will directly open the Incident.


                  You welcome!

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                    florian1 Expert

                    I did it exactly the way you described.

                    Additionally I have created a realtionship between Incident & Journal#Email (IncidentContainsNewEmail) showing me all the new mails.


                    To notify my task owners I used this Expression:

                    ForEachChild("Incident#", ParentLink_RecId, "Journal#Email.IncidentContainsNewEmail", "'\r\n' + EmailBody + '\r\n______________\r\n'", "CreatedDateTime ASC")


                    I am having the same issue with new e-mails. My only "workaround" is to ignore incoming emails in the "logged" status & reset the boolean field to false afterwards.

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                      dcogny Expert

                      That is exactly what I've got working too!!

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                        mike171 Apprentice

                        I work with Barry, We ended up doing something a bit different because we actually wanted the entire email as an attachment along with any attachments on the email that was sent into the Incident.


                        Here is what I did.....


                        1. Create Boolean field in "Activity History" BO


                        2. Create Triggered Action on "Activity History" BO To flag newest email entry


                        3. create composite Quick Action in "Journal.Email" BO

                        Send Email>Update Object

                        4. We have a pre-existing workflow in Journal.Email to send a notification to the Incident owner if a new email links to the incident




                        5. Edit our existing new email notify owner workflow


                        Finished Product incoming email has a screenshot in the body and an Excel sheet attached....

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                          elysey Apprentice

                          Hi Florian

                          Haven't been to the forums in awhile so playing catch up Did you try triggering a run for child from the Journal.Email business object?  So what i'm thinking is:


                          Change your relationship to a 1-1 with a condition to only pick up incoming Journal.Email entries with a specific flag.  This flag would be set to true if there is a new Journal.Email record inserted where the category is incoming email.  When inserted, it would then trigger a run for child quick action against the related Incident object to do the following on the incident record:


                          - Email details to the Incident Owner

                          - Do a run for child against the Journal.Email business object to set the new email flag to false so it clears the 1-1 relationship and preps it for the next incoming email?

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                            bsorensen Apprentice

                            this is fantastic.  Not sure why this wasn't OOTB...


                            I am new to getting this to work, can someone provide the full walk through of where i need to go and what to click on?


                            I want my incident owners (service desk members) to be notified when a customer replies to a ticket, I believe this should do it right?