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    CI Business Object - only extended?

    m.kasper Apprentice

      Hello Community,


      recently I tried to create forms within the CI Business Object, succeded :-) and now there ist the issue, that the form is not visible on the Layout creation template.

      I have now the suspission, that the CI Business Object only works asan extended Business Object and the call for forms is via Type Selektor and hint to the correspondant extended BO.

      Is that correct?

      I am not quite sure, but I did not find any further hint in the Admin Docs...

      Hint are highly welcome...

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          elysey Apprentice

          Hi Martin


          The layout view agains the master object can actually access the forms agains the master business object.  I'm not too sure however why you would want to do this as the whole point of the extended business object setup is to be able to segregate different object types whilst still being able to share some of the field properties that are set in the master object.


          To help you out with your setup though, a few things to check if you want the existing CI layout to include forms designed against the master CI object (rather than the extended).  For this example I created a new form called CI.MainNewForm


          1. Make sure you have a form view pointing to the CI business object:


          2. On the gridView (basically the List view), make sure you have the Preview Form for the CI business object pointing to the CI Mainform view you just created, and make sure this is also set up in the "Navigation to other views" at the bottom, specifically in the "On request to create new object show" and "On request to edit or view existing object show" - see screenshots below (apologies for the quality - unfortunately the list is just :




          After you've saved the layout and refreshed the client console, you should see a New CI option appear when you want to create a CI list now


          Hope this helps     

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