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    How to interpret the License Usage Report

    c.reinhardt84 Apprentice


      I've a question regarding the license usage report. We run the report and were wondering how it is created and how the numbers are calculated. Does it also count the self service user? Or only the "Service Desk Analysts". And also is the number shown the maximum numbers of users connected that day or the sum of the users connected that day?

      Hope you can help us.




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          elysey Apprentice

          Hi Christian

          Not a full expert on this (and I do think this should be answered by HEAT) but I think that:


          1. The way that it determines agent vs self service license usage is from the role the login to.  If you go in the Roles and Permissions set, in the Details section there is a Self Service role tick box.  If not ticked I'm assuming the system recognises any other session as either concurrent/named.



          2. Named/Concurrent sessions are counted based on the employee profile section.  So if you have named licenses you'll need to go into your Employee profile and tick the Is Named user tickbox for the profiles allocated to use named license, otherwise it will be counted as concurrent.



          3. The session counts will be based on the parameter you pass on to the reports but it is definitely basing it on the Security History object where you'll see all the logon history sessions against the tenant (FYI: if you're not a cloud customer and running an older version, I believe the object was called "Logon History" or something).



          Hope this helps

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            What if I want to create second self service role for different customer type?

            An example is that I want to create a self service to be used by non IT employees of our company (that have different view of incident form and Dashboard) and second self service role for external customers that has a smaller version of incident form and different dashboard.

            If I name employee's self service role as 'SelfService' and customer self service role as 'CustomerSelfService', then it won't consider customer self Service role under SelfService role licences and report will show customer to be using SDA licenses. 

            This is our challenge with the way report is tracking license usage.

            Any idea how to deal with this situation?

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              elysey Apprentice

              Hi Akshay

              Pretty sure if you set up the Customer Self Service role with the Self Service role ticked on the Role Details section, it would see the sessions logged in with that role to use up the self service seats that you have.  Best to call HEAT Support for this query though.

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                I tried that option but that does not change to the way report tracks license usage. As per license usage report template and SQL, any role other than 'SelfService' is considered as SDA license use. Self Service check box in role detail section has no meaning and noone knows why it is there. I have discussed this with HEAT Support already.

                HEAT Needs to fix this report or fix "Self Service Role' check box since it is misleading to customers like us who want multiple self service roles.

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                  elysey Apprentice

                  Agreed - did they quote you an RM?

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                    No RM was given to me.