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    Software MetaPackages

    csaxena Rookie

      Has anyone see this issue?     I am trying to get certain packages to install in a specific order.   Tried to create a MetaPackage with the software in the order I want.   However, I cannot get it to execute on the client machine in that order.   In Fact the order appears to be randomized with different order showing on different machines I deploy this to.   Is this how MetaPackages are designed to work or am I doing something wrong?

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          patgmac1 Expert

          I'm fairly certain metapackages respect the order given, as you intend. How are you confirming which order they're installing? I don't think you can count on the installation log in LANrev, or the control panel/preference pane list. If this is a Mac and these are all .pkg's, I would look at /var/log/install.log to confirm what order they were run. If they're MSI's on the PC, use Event Viewer.

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            robert.morton Apprentice

            Patrick is correct. The packages inside a meta package should be getting installed in order from top to bottom. Can you create a couple simple packages to verify that it is working correctly?


            I just created 5 very basic scripts



            #  Created by robert.morton on 5/24/16.


            echo test `date` > /File1.txt

            sleep 10


            In each I just changed FileX.txt to the correct number 1-5. I uploaded each as a new software package running as the system account. I then created a meta package and groups all 5 in order 1-5. When I installed, every 10 seconds, I saw the next file getting created in the correct order.

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              csaxena Rookie

              I have tried this on our Mac lab machines by observing the installations on the client on the pop-up windows that shows up at install (yes I have selected show progress in the package).   I am not getting the installation order I specified in the MetaPackage.   In fact I cant put a rhyme or reason to how it selects which order to install on the client.    Like I said tis bizarre.

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                patgmac1 Expert

                Do you have any "priority" set on any of the subpackages? I wonder if that could change the order.

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                  robert.morton Apprentice

                  I just retried again. I reversed the order (5-1) and set 3 with a high priority. It installed 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 so it did not care about priority and just respected my order.


                  What version are you running of LANrev?

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                    csaxena Rookie

                    First thank you guys for taking the time and helping me out with this.    I have been trying with 3 test packages, I have changed the order of the packages, changed the available date, changed the priority and have not observed any difference in the order of deployment or the lack thereof.   On two machine the install path was package 1,2,3 on another it was 3,1,2.   Second test the installation order on machine one was 2,1,3 on the other two 1,3,2.   So far two of the 3 machines keep the same order, not sure why.   Running on 6.9 ver for LanRev.

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                      robert.morton Apprentice

                      I am not seeing any issues with meta packages that were fixed since 6.9 that would explain the difference. You are probably best to contact support as we are just guessing.

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                        csaxena Rookie

                        Thanks, Have created a ticket for support.

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                          karl1 Apprentice



                          We also have the same issue with Meta Pkg deployment as well as launching couple of manual installation packages one by one on a specific order. Indeed, if target computers are offline, the order Lanrev downloads and installs packages is not respected as well. It's specifically annoying when we need to deploy some software like adobe for instance.


                          Could you please Chinmoy post the response from support about that ?



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                            csaxena Rookie

                            Havent received a reply from support as yet.   However I have done some more testing and it seems packages with some options set in the installation options section when grouped with other packages with different settings cause this behavior.   Doing some more testing but it looks like the bad behavior stopped when I removed the silent install package from the list that had packages with user feedback.    Will post details once I get better testing done.