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    Bootstrap enrollment

    jsmith1 Apprentice

      Hey folks,

      I remember a couple of years ago that we would onboard iPads using configurator and the mdm bootstrap. With DEP activation, etc. Is this method still possible? If so, can anybody give me a refresher on how to do it? I can't remember nor can I find my old documentation on it.



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          dherder Specialist

          Yes, this is still possible, but if you have DEP, I can't see why anyone would choose the bootstrap method. DEP allows for an unremovable MDM profile. With the bootstrap method, anyone can remove that profile.

          In AC2, you would add the "MDMEnrollmentBootstrap.mobileconfig" (from "%programdata%\Pole Position Software\LANrev Server") to a new blueprint with Wifi.


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            jsmith1 Apprentice

            Thanks Dave!

            FYI: I've got about 5  carts with 20-25  iPads each, these are not 1:1. Rather than going through the standard DEP method and having to touchall 100+ devices, it makes a lot more sense to do them all en mass.


            Does using bootstrap have any bearing on any other supervision-based tasks? In other words, will I lose some functionality by going that route?


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              robert.morton Apprentice

              Not really. Using Configurator 2 you can prepare the device with automatic enrollment into DEP and LANrev. This ensures that the profile can not be removed. The basics are...

              Have a great wifi that is not saturated...

              In Configurator 2 select the devices and click prepare

              If using DEP, just do Automatic Enrollment

              Select a Wi-Fi Configuration profile

              Ignore the User options and just click Prepare


              The device will be bound to the MDM with DEP and automatically connect to your Wi-Fi. Then LANrev can push the apps and additional configurations.

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                jsmith1 Apprentice

                Hey Rob,

                One other flaw I'm finding in my own "ointment" is to tie them to our active directory. In a typical DEP enrollment, the device activates and then prompts for our AD user/pass. In order to be assigned to our Smart Policies, and thus get the right config profiles/apps/etc, they have to be tied to an A/D account.


                I didn't consider that portion of the enrollment and the impact. Any ideas on that one?


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                  robert.morton Apprentice

                  User name and profile are optional in the Device Enrollment Profile. You can create a custom field called Role that for these devices you set to Cart. Then a Smart Policy of all of the devices that are Role = Cart. Then create a second Device Enrollment Profile that does not request the AD authentication and apply that to the new smart policy.


                  In theory, your cart devices are going to have a finite number of apps and configurations. You don't need Calculator+ on Cart 1 and Calculator Pro on Cart 2. Make a standard. You may have a few other Policies that would be needed depending on school or grade, but try to keep the policies to a minimum to avoid confusion. Also don't forget about LANrev Apps to install On Demand. Basically, I am thinking...

                  All Cart smart policy assign DEP and assigns all common apps for installation, all common apps for on demand and all common configuration profiles.


                  Then you can make one off policies if needed for Grade 6 or something like that. Better yet, if it is a single app on a single, just select the devices that are needed and manually push it to them.


                  One other option, instead of using Role for Cart, your custom field could be Cart (which contains the cart identifier) and your smart policy is Cart in not empty. Then you could have that field be filled in with the Cart Identifier so you can find the 30 devices quickly when someone says I need Calculator+ on Cart XYZ.