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    How does your organisation handle "enquiries"?

    a.mossop@qut.edu.au Apprentice

      My organisation is big on distinguishing the type of work that comes in from our user base i.e. Incidents are faults/issues needing resolution and Service Requests are things people are asking for.   Which is understandable as a decent measure of an IT area is that they get more requests than incidents.   However, we've recently had an expression of interest for a new team to join our HEAT family from a different part of the organisation....but their area operates mainly an enquiries centre and from the puritan view, doesn't really fit the  current "it's broken and needs to be fixed" or "I would like X from the menu" mould which has served our existing teams so well.

      So I'm interested to know how other HEAT customers handle questions or enquiries.  eg. "What time does your helpdesk close?"