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    Decimal Attributes & SQL Server ...... Have you noticed?




      So we just started to build our CMDB. You would probably guess that we wanted to use decimal attributes for things like RAM, CPU and Storage etc.


      And herein is the issue, when you create a decimal attribute and give it say 2 decimal places, ITBM will create the necessary column in the database but it wont set the scale of the column which means it only holds whole numbers.


      Looking at the form through ITBM it appears that you can hold "1.4" as a value, and when you save your window it will remain as "1.4", have a look in the database and it will say "1" and reload the form in ITBM and it will also say "1" (entering 5 or above after the decimal point will cause SQL to round up, e.g. to "2").


      Have you run into this issue? - I am waiting for Support to let me know if I can manually set the column properties in the database to hold the 2 decimal places (tested in a test environment and both ITBM and SQL read/write the values properly).


      A clear failure of basic functionality that could have massive repercussions in business decisions (e.g. A Manager asks for a list of all PC’s with 1gb of RAM or less, ITBM would return all PC’s upto 1.49gb of RAM)


      Thought this was worthy of sharing!