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    How can I populate the Hostname to a field

    olliko Apprentice

      when our users create an new incident in selfservice. It should be the hostname of the client machine, where the Incident created from.

      Anyone an solution for this?


      thanks for your efforts



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          florian1 Expert

          Hi Oliver,


          if you already know the relationship between a CI and a user you can do something like this:


          - create a PickList: Show all CIs where Owner/User = CurrentLoginId()

          - create a field in the Incident BO (e.g. XTN_ClientCI)

          -> validated by the PickList you have created right before

          - Modify the WebSelfService.New form:

          -> Add XTN_ClientCI to the form.

          - Add a Incident Business Rule: On Insert (XTN_ClientCI not empty)

          -> Search and link: (link the CI)


          If the customer submits an Incident via SelfService, he can choose his asset.



          Another Option is a custom Javascript that determines the client's hostname.

          Do a Search & Link as well afterwards here.



          If you have the Client-IP in your CMDB, you can do i for incoming mails as well.

          -> Inspect the Header, extract the Client and map it.





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            eric.sandvik@cityofloveland.org Rookie

            I too would like to capture the name of the computer the client is using when they submit an incident.

            I have custom javascript that queries a web service for that information, but I don't know to incorporate it into Heat.

            I've seen the "WSDL and Script Repository" feature under Integration Tools, but there isn't documentation on how to use it.