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    How to trigger execution of binaries directly on a CI (Endpoint)

    freeman Rookie

      We heard about the frequent requirement to trigger executions of something on an Endpoint directly via  Quick Actions or Workflows from the HEAT Platform. To reach on premise machines is considered  somewhat cumbersome and offers challenges as triggering those Actions to the actual machines would currently require a Cloud/Premise VPN tunnel and open firewall ports and running RPC services on the actual endpoints. This can be considered rather complex, pricy and also has it’s security implications.


      We are thinking about developing and offering a purpose build extension to HEAT SM that would allow you to use Quick Actions and Workflows to trigger binary executions on any remote endpoint securely from the HEAT SM platform.  We would provide an agent for the managed machines, which polls via a secure HTTPS connection to gather pending tasks and then brings them to execution locally. We’re sure that this is a slick and better way to do things.

      Some use cases that could be addressed with this App would be – local drive clean-ups via SC, start a local data-backup from an SDA Quick Action or SC, extract user personality before rebuilding machines, SDA could launch the end users Skype client, and so on… the possibilities are pretty much endless. What do you think?


      We are looking for a) customers who are interested in this functionality and  b) some that might be willing to help further refine the use cases and requirements to ensure this App is going to be beneficial for many HEAT customers.


      Regards René