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    Managing team membership

    chooi Apprentice

      Has anyone got any recommendation or best practise advice on managing team membership and change of membership.



      1. A team member may have left the organisation and need to be removed and not be displayed as part of his/her Standard User Team/EmployeeTeam

      2. A team member moves from one team to another team and no longer has responsibility in the previous team.


      I know that if a team member is removed from a team, all existing tickets still assigned to that member when they were in the team will need to be updated.

      If I only reassigned ownership to another team member for active tickets but not closed tickets will there be any side affects. For example, if the team member displays all his/her Incidents, will it display tickets from his/her previous and new team?


      Any feedback will be appreciated.

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          elysey Apprentice

          Hi Chooi

          One of the features introduced in the new release was the Find and Replace quick action.  I haven't personally used it myself but may want to have a look at it and give that a go to see if it suits your needs to update remnant records when an employee is added/removed to/from teams.


          Find and Replace Quick Action

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            florian1 Expert

            Hi Chooi,


            I haven't implemented this yet but I am thinking about this as a Service Request (e.g. "HEAT Adjustments").

            Unfortunately I can't do this automatically (e.g. during the LDAP Import) since I will always need to have input from others (where to assign open tickets etc.).


            1) Adjustment Type:

            -> Team Administration

            -> [...]


            (when Team Administration is selected:)

            2) Team:

            -> (PickList with requestor's Teams)


            -> (PickList Employee constrained by team)


            3) Task:

            -> change Team

            -> move Tickets

            -> [...]


            4) Target


            -> (Active Teams)


            -> (PickList Employee constrained by team)



            Now, within your workflow you can either use a "Find and Replace" QuickAction or do a WebService call.

            There shouldn't be any side effects since Owner and Owner_Valid will be updated.