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    EMSS 8.4 agent setup parameters?

    markuszierer Specialist

      Hi there,


      i have recently setup an EMSS 8.4 in my lab environment. Now i downloaded the EMSS 8.4 Agent setup from the server and plan to build a package in DSM to distribute and install the agent. As far as i can see, i need to hand over some kind of config url to the setup to tell the agent, where's the server he should connect to.

      Have not found any documentation about that yet. Does anybody have a tipp for me where to look for?

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          davidfoose Rookie

          Strongly suggest looking at the agent install guide.  Perhaps around page 59...

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            markuszierer Specialist

            Thx. Meanwhile i also found the Agent install guide for EMSS 8.3 in the KB. And the relevant settings are at page 70ff

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              brett.chadwick Apprentice

              These are all available options for the installation using the previous MSI or exe now with 8.4.

              Note: lmsetupx32 for 32 bit and x64 for 64 bit installations.



              lmsetupx64 wizard

              lmsetupx64 discover

              lmsetupx64 upgrade [password]

              lmsetupx64 uninstall [password]

              lmsetupx64 install <PARAM> = <VALUE>...


              Install Parameters:


              • SERVERIPADDRESS
                • The DNS name or IP of the Heat EMSS server.
              • PROXYADDRESS
                • Address of a proxy if to be used for commucation from agent to server.
              • PROXYPORT
                • As above, port only.
              • PROXYUSERNAME
                • For use with authenticated proxies.
              • PROXYPASSWORD
                • Same as above.
              • MODULELIST
                • Modules to be installed, example PATCH, DeviceControl
              • GROUPLIST
                • Group for endpoint to be added into at installation.
              • INSTALLDIR
                • Directory for agent installation.