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    HEAT AppStore Contests 2016 !

    holger.weeres@heatsoftware.com Apprentice

      Based on the feedback and interest in the Innovation Solutions, HEAT is launching a contest around innovative solutions in the AppStore. There will be two categories:

      “Best HEAT App of 2016 – North America

      “Best HEAT App of 2016 – International

      Get ready to WIN!

      The winners of this contest will be notified in advance and formally announced at the respective regional HEAT customer events. The winning Apps will also be featured in the AppStore and the awarded partners will be given the opportunity to present their HEAT Apps at this year’s regional HEAT customer events.

      The winners will be determined by the Innovation Partner team based on the following criteria


           a) Customer ratings and feedback in the AppStore and/or HEAT Community (50%)

           b) Number of App views in the Store (20%)

           c) Actual downloads/contact vendor requests (30%)


      Eligible are Apps that have been submitted and posted to the AppStore since October 1st 2015.

      Therefore, any Partner / Customer App currently in the AppStore is eligible to win this year’s contest except for those that were provided by HEAT.


      How to vote?

      Just respond to this contest post by naming your favorite Apps from the store (up to 3)



      And remember, customers can also submit apps and win, for more information on how to take part in the Innovation program, please contact us at [email protected].




      Your Heat Innovation Partner Team