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    Has anyone had success getting Always On Availability Group (AAG) listener working

    daveb1 Apprentice

      I am trying to setup my 2015.2.2 premise tenants to use the always on availability group listener to minimize the downtime required for a data center failover.


      Has anyone had success in setting this up?  I can enter the listener address in place of the database host name, but it does not work as expected.  In my experience with other applications, adding properties to the connection string was necessary to make the application work the way we wanted.  Some of the connection properties used in the connection string were ApplicationIntent=ReadWrite or MultiSubnetFailover=True .  I don't see a way to add properties to the connection string used by HEAT SM.  There are some connection strings listed in a .config file referenced in the web.config file, but none of them seem relevant.