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    Customer and Partner App Idea Exchange

    holger.weeres@heatsoftware.com Apprentice

      Hi all,


      this new Community thread is for you as a customer, but also for our Partners to chat and interact on HEAT App ideas.

      Customers can suggest their own ideas of what HEAT App or product Integrations they would like to see in the AppStore, so that partners can Partners can pick up these ideas and create meaningful content you really asked for in the AppStore.

      Partners can also post their App proposals here, looking for feedback and customer interst. Partners also always look for customers to actively work with to convert their good ideas into actually useful well defined Apps for the AppStore.


      Let's keep this Threat lively and help each other create valuable pre-build content, Connectors and Integrations around the HEAT portfolio.

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          freeman Rookie

          Hi [email protected]
          Hi @all,


          We heard about the frequent requirement to trigger executions of something on an Endpoint directly via  Quick Actions or Workflows from the HEAT Platform. To reach on premise machines is considered  somewhat cumbersome and offers challenges as triggering those Actions to the actual machines would currently require a Cloud/Premise VPN tunnel and open firewall ports and running RPC services on the actual endpoints. This can be considered rather complex, pricy and also has it’s security implications.


          We are thinking about developing and offering a purpose build extension to HEAT SM that would allow you to use Quick Actions and Workflows to trigger binary executions on any remote endpoint securely from the HEAT SM platform.  We would provide an agent for the managed machines, which polls via a secure HTTPS connection to gather pending tasks and then brings them to execution locally. We’re sure that this is a slick and better way to do things.

          Some use cases that could be addressed with this App would be – local drive clean-ups via SC, start a local data-backup from an SDA Quick Action or SC, extract user personality before rebuilding machines, SDA could launch the end users Skype client, and so on… the possibilities are pretty much endless. What do you think?


          We are looking for a) customers who are interested in this functionality and  b) some that might be willing to help further refine the use cases and requirements to ensure this App is going to be beneficial for many HEAT customers.


          Regards René

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            aras.pillai Rookie

            Hi [email protected] & Everyone,


            We heard from user community the requirement of integrating their ITSM product with the Lync / Skype for Business. We are getting queries like, need IM as additional channel of communication to Service Desk, like to deflect my email request to IM / Chat for easy management, need ability to quickly create ticket from my chat window, like to know customer context when they are calling / IM, looking for the ability to store the conversation (IM & Voice) in my incident, need ways to identify incident owner availability to call / IM from my incident / request / change, can you automate critical incident management by opening a conference bridge & bring all affected system owners quickly for a conversation etc.


            As a result, we @Sensiple, developed the Unified Service Desk that Integrate / Connect Lync / Skype for Business and Helpdesk / ITSM. We developed pre-built adapters for leading ITSM products and Helpdesk. At present we engaged ourselves in developing a Connector / Integrator with the Heat software and we are going to listed it in the AppStore shortly.


            A quick brief about our Unified Service Desk

            Sensiple’s Unified Service Desk is an ultimate multi-modal helpdesk solution that helps to leverage your existing investment on Microsoft’s Skype for Business (SFB) and extend collaboration to Service Teams.


            Following are the Features of Unified Service Desk:

            Multi-Channel Access

            • IM, Voice, Webchat
            • Web Connect

            Multi-Channel Routing

            • IM, Voice and Webchat
            • Business hours setup
            • Skills based Routing

            Queue Management

            • Manage Chat and Call Queue
            • Manage Chat-bot

            Service Monitor

            • Real-time Agent and Queue Dashboard
            • Business Rules
            • Unified Reporting System

            Quality Management

            • Agent productivity and performance
            • Call Recording
            • Extensive Reporting functionality


            We are looking for customers who are interested in such integrations with Lync / Skype for Business and ITSM / Helpdesk. Our future plan is to try the possible integration with Google hangouts & Cisco.


            Interested to explore more?  Join our exclusive Unified Service Demo: http://www.sensiple.com/skype-business-adapter-demo

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              clinton.randall Apprentice

              This is great Holger!


              Integral Consulting Services is currently looking at a couple of ideas. First, we are in the process of developing a Resource Management application to assign resources to external customer projects. This is an app that would be good for Consulting Services companies, construction companies, and really any company that provides services for external consumers.


              The second idea, and this is something that we really need assistance with user community on, is an HR application that ties into Workday. The premise behind this is to allow any employee to request for, and receive, information on a number HR related items via HEAT Service Management, all without having to contact the HR department directly. As we realize that HR can encompass a number of items (employee leave, benefits, and personnel issues to name a few) we are looking to talk with a few customers that would be interested in helping us understand what would be the most beneficial items to include in this integration.

              Thank you again Holger for starting this initiative and I'm looking forward to some great collaboration with the user community!


              Clinton Randall

              Director, Enterprise Systems Management

              Integral Consulting Services, Inc.


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