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    WinPe PXE deployment - hangs after selecting script/ DOS fails @ HTGET


      Hello - looking for some help, if at all possible.

      We just switched from 8.6 to 8.8.


      At this point I'm trying to do a couple things - first our 8.6 server deployed ghost images under a DOS format.

      Since our images to date are in this format - I would like to get this working on the 8.8


      • DOS - currently it fails when using HTGET to access the "landesk/files/"filename".inf files

      It brings up the PXE/DOS menu and once selected it will run through 5 commands then fails.

      It is creating a log file CJ-OSD.......


      • The second item I would like to get working is of course WinPE.

      At this point - I can get to the scripts menu - once the script is selected the menu disappears then thats it - just hangs.

      It creates a entry in the CoreWebServices.log - but stops at ShouldGoInPXEHoldingQueue - never runs the script.

      Never creates a CJ-OSD.... log file.

      LD Inventory server was restarted as well as LD Mgt Agent.

      If I go to PXE.asmx and RunScript - a CustJob box does not pop up - but it does create a CJ-OSD.... log file at that point.

      I've reset the IIS - re-registered the ASP - checked all the folder accesses I could think of.

      I've also checked the NIC - I have a IP and it is recognized.


      I know I'm close - just not sure where to go from here.

      If anyone could point me in the right direction - I would appreciate any help.