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    buddhaman Rookie

      Is the correct way to control patching with Lumension to turn off windows update altogether and control patch pushing with through Lumension (HEAT).

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          reneg Apprentice

          If your goal is to turn off Windows Update on each managed PC, using a GPO Policy is your best option to configure the Windows Update Service and configure the services for 'Manual" startup option.  The HEAT Patch Mgmt Module uses parts of the Windows Update API so if you disable this service, our Patch Mgmt module will not detect properly for missing Microsoft patches. 


          If you want to use HEAT EMSS to reconfigure the Windows Update Service for PC's being managed by EMSS, follow these steps:

          1. Log onto the EMSS Webconsole > Review > Other > System Management Tasks.

          2. Locate "System Management - Services: Disable Automatic Updates/Windows Update Service (wuauserv) (Disabled) (Rev 2)" and you can deploy this package to your PC's or add this package to a Mandatory Baseline for automatic deployments.


          Hope this helps.