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    Settings for Windows Updates scan only between certain times or dates

    sthon Apprentice

      Hello Fellow LanRevers,


      Today i come to you with a problem that has been increasing over the last weeks. It's windows Updates. Again.


      The Situation:

      We only use LanRev to update the machines. Windows Update is disabled by GPo and reactivated through LanRev by using the registry key.

      Root: "HKLM32"; Subkey: "Software\Pole Position Software\LANrev Agent"; ValueType: dword; ValueName: "OverwriteWSUSGPOSettings"; ValueData: "1"


      At the moment, we have the situation, that a lot of our notebooks are always searching for updates. We figured this out because the svchost process is most of the time using 100% of one core. If we shutdown the wuauserv process it immediately stops.


      The main problem is, that this causes the cpus in the systems to grow increasingly hot, fans spinning constantly at 100%, batteries draining like a broken pipe.


      I already tried fixits from Microsoft, installing updates manually, etc. most of the times without much luck.


      So now I figured we only have to endure this until we update all systems to Windows 10. And I need a workaround. (I don't belive in a cost-effective solution anymore).


      What I figured is this:

      Microsoft only ships it's Windows 7 Updates every second Tuesday in a month. So, why should the update service run all the time. I'd like to program a schedule that sets the service to manual start (or even deactivated) and only starts it for one week when new updates are expected.


      Now, on how to do it...? Scheduled command on the server, or a planned task on the client-side? What you do you guys and gals think? Are there any better solutions? At least with this workaround our people would have some peace and quiet 3 out of 4 weeks.

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          sthon Apprentice

          Well, it seams kinda tricky to deactivate Windows Update completely, as Windows reactivates it after every boot and probably in between as well.


          I have now created a scheduled tasks that runs on all days but the few where I actually allow updates to run. The task kills the Windows Update process after boot, sets the service to "demand" and reruns every 15 Minutes. I also increased the OS Update Timeout in the LanRev Agent to 4 hours (because thats what it sometimes takes).


          Now I'll test it on a few devices and see if it does more harm then good. But the first test show promise.