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    Project Task Service Request

    ccrispin Apprentice

      Hi Everyone


      We have recently purchased HEAT but are yet to go into production with it. I work at a large regional NSW Council in IT Operations.

      We are large enough to have our own ITPO (IT Projects Office). This Projects office regularly give my team project related tasks. Each of these tasks are associated with a project have a assigned completion date and will be assigned to an operational team such as network/infrastructure, application administration, desktop support etc. Currently there is no nice way to record and track each of these.


      As the coordinator of IT Operations I find it hard to keep track of all of the assigned project tasks. I want a service request that allows a PM to input a project related task to one of my teams. I am just having trouble figuring out how to link the service request and task creation to a project. I have worked out how to put the pick list of  projects onto a form but how do I then create a task connected to the project?