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    How to keep up with the latest and greatest HEAT version

    chooi Apprentice

      We have a pre-2013 version of HEAT SaaS and even when our version is upgraded at each cycle, latest being 2016.1.1, I sometimes feel we are not keeping up and we are not really 'fully' upgraded. 


      As an example, when we try to use the Portfolio and Project Management module and Team Calendar package which are supposedly available for versions 2016.1, I'm told our version is too old for the new module and package.


      Is it not possible for Development to consider older versions when building upgrades for new modules and packages so that all older versions can also immediately benefit from the new enhancements?


      Is it also possible to clearly label new modules and packages to say it is unlikely to work if you have a pre-xxxx version of HEAT? This will save time and effort trying to implement a package that is unlikely to work with a version.


      I'm wondering if others have similar experiences and would like to share their thoughts.